The West Malvern Garden and Nature Club was founded 27 years ago by three West Malvern ladies. We are still a thriving club with supportive and friendly membership. Meetings are held at the village hall on the third Tuesday of the month, usually at 7.30pm. A variety of speakers are chosen to reflect both the gardening and the nature interests of our club members. Meetings in the hall are held from September until May. During the summer there are organised trips, a Treasure Hunt and an Annual Show. Membership is £5 and £2 a meeting but visitors are always welcome £3 a visit, this includes refreshments after the talk. Membership also includes the chance to win trophies at the Annual Show; the chance to help at the Malvern Spring Show crèche and receive free entry; two ’Over the Fence’ newsletters; an Annual Dinner and a Christmas Party.

That exciting time is here again - the schedule for the Garden and Nature Club Show is now available!

West Malvern Garden

and Nature Club


Saturday 2nd September

in the Village Hall

The competition is open to members and non-members. The entry fee is 20p per class; each exhibitor is allowed only one entry per class. There is no entry form.

Children may enter any of the classes. Judging and prizes will be separate from adults. Exhibits must be produced by the child.

The following trophies are competed for by members only:

The Anniversary Trophy                       The Basket of Vegetables

The John Deem Cup                               The best overall vegetable grower

The John Deem Prize                 The best Fruit entry

The Members Plate                     The best Craft entry

The Members Shield                   The best Home-Grown entry

The Members Tankard               The best photograph

The Members’ Spoon                 The best Home Cookery entry



11.00am to 1.00pm     Bring your exhibits to the Village Hall.

1.30pm to 2.30pm       The Hall will be closed for judging to take place.

2.30pm                       The Hall will open to the public.

3.15pm                       Presentation of prizes.

4.00pm                       Exhibits may be removed from the display.


Important Note: All exhibits in these classes must have been grown by the exhibitor or in his/her possession for at least two months.


G1.   Best Flower in Your Garden.  A single, flower of any sort, from the exhibitor’s garden.

G2.   Dahlias.  Three compact blooms of any kind (not necessarily of the same cultivar).

G3.   Pansies/Violas.  A posy of Pansies or Violas presented in a posy vase..

G4.   Flowering Pot Plant. A healthy, unblemished house plant in a clean pot with maximum top diameter of 9 inches.

G5.   Single Rose.  One rose, just opened, with regular, unblemished petals; fragrance is important.

G6.   Sweet Peas.  Five similar-sized blooms of any colour with straight stems, if possible.

G7.   Vase of Flowers. Fine blooms of five different species; no limit to numbers of each; foliage permitted.


F1.   Berries.  Eight ripe fruits of one cultivar, with stalks attached, neatly displayed.

F2.   Stone Fruit. Five firm, ripe, undamaged fruits of one cultivar (e.g. damsons), neatly displayed.

F3.   Tomatoes.  Five similar fruits of the same variety, unblemished with calyces attached.

F4.   Any Other Fruit.  Any fruit not listed above with unblemished skins and attractively arranged.

F5.   Basket of Fruit.   A selection of different fruits displayed nicely in a basket. Tomatoes are a fruit.


V1.   Onions.. Three similar sized onions, of uniform size and colour. Tops bound and displayed on rings.

V2.   Runner Beans. Five beans of similar length, not over-ripe, as straight as possible.

V3.         Courgettes. Three courgettes of similar size and appearance, as little blemished as possible.

V4.         Potatoes.  Three tubers of the same variety, medium sized with few/shallow eyes.

V5.         Carrots.  Three carrots of one variety, roots of uniform size, good colour and shape with skins clean and bright. The tap root must be left intact. Leaves should be cut-off to approximately 3 inches (8 cm) of leaf stalk.

V6.         Rhubarb.  The longest stick of rhubarb, with leaf cut-off.

V7.         Herb Collection.  Six culinary herbs presented in individually named bunches, with their stems in water to keep them fresh. Do not include flowers.

V8.         Any Other Vegetable. Any not listed above, in clean condition.

V9.         Basket of Vegetables (for Trophy).  Six kinds of vegetables displayed nicely in a basket. No tomatoes.


All entries in this section must have been made by the exhibitor.

M1.                                             Swiss Roll. Made according to the recipe on page 4.

M2.         Rosemary’s Challenge.  Malvern Themed Cake. Make any type of cake you like but it must be renamed to give it a Malvern connection. Your recipe should be written out and entered with your cake together with its new name. e.g. Rock cakes could be called Malvern Stone cakes. Judging will be based on appearance, taste and ingenuity of the name.

M3.         Sultana Scones.   Four similar sized scones, made to your own recipe, presented on a plate.

M4.         Lemon Curd.  Follow your own recipe; set, flavour and presentation are important..

M5.         Marmalade.    Three Citrus Fruits.  Follow your own recipe; set, flavour and presentation are important..

M6.         Jam – Plum.  Follow your own recipe; set, flavour and presentation are important.


(Flowers/foliage need not have been grown by the exhibitor.)

D1.   Table Centre.  Made from plant material (any flowers, leaves or berries etc.) and not more than 8 inches high/wide; may be in oasis or a vase etc.

D2.    Foliage Arrangement. Any leaves in an arrangement not more than eighteen inches high; may be in oasis or a vase etc.

D3.   Art. A painting or drawing in any medium, or combined media, displayed in a mount or frame.

D4.   Embroidery or Sewing.  Any item made by the exhibitor.

D5.   Knitting or Crochet Work.  Any item made by the exhibitor.

D6.   Other Craft. Any other article constructed by the exhibitor, with or without tools.


Important Note: All photographs must have been taken by the exhibitor and not presented previously. They should be mounted or stuck on paper. Maximum size is 5" x 7", not including the mounts.

P1.   Leaves. Singly or many, but not a tree or shrub.

P2.   Celebrations. Any photo conveying a celebratory mood)

P3.   A Black and White Object. Not just a black and white photo.

P4.   Waterfall(s).

Recipe –Swiss Roll

2 oz soft margarine (50 g)         4 oz caster sugar (110 g)

2 size 1 eggs                                 4 oz sifted self-raising flour (110 g)

1 tablespoon hot water               a little extra caster sugar

For the filling:                               3-4 tablespoons warmed jam

Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 6 (400°F) (200°C)


Prepare a Swiss roll tin, which should measure approximately 8x12 inches (20 x 30 cm). Place all the ingredients, except the water, in a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly for about 1 minute or until everything is blended. Then add enough hot water to make a dropping consistency. Next, spread the mixture evenly in the prepared tin. Bake it in the oven for approximately 12 minutes or until it feels springy in the centre.  

Spread the warmed jam and roll using your own technique.


2017-2018 New Season 


September 2     (Saturday)           Annual Show

September 7 (Thursday)               The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning  

September 19                     Roger Smith                        Mountain Flowers of the Worl

October 17                           Reg Moule                            An Evening with Reg

November 21                       Michael Colquhoun        Birds of the Malvern

December 12                       Christmas Party


January 16                             Keith Ferguson                     Growing & Showing Vegetables

February 20                         Duncan Coombs                      The Herbaceous Border

March 20                               AGM   7pm start                   speaker to be announced

April 17                                  Gary Farmer                              India - On the Trail of the Tiger

May 15                                     Philip Seaton                            Orchids - Biodiversity & Conservation

Further information nearer the time will be published about the meetings.

Please come and join us we are always happy to welcome visitors and new members.

Gillian Hale's visit, accompanied by 9 owls was the best attended meeting of the season! A large number of children came and sat quietly through Gillian's talk and waited, with keen expectations, for the owls.  For over an hour after her talk people were still taking photographs and stroking the owls.  It is amazing that the owls were so patient.  Gillian trains them from very young to accept various noises by taking them with her in a basket when she goes shopping! She didn't bring the eagle owl, which is the largest of the owls.  Its grip, with each foot is the equivalent of an Alsatian dog's jaw! They are used to hunt wolves in the Black Forest in Germany and are known to kill Roe Deer in Scotland.  Probably a little two fearsome for a Tuesday night in West Malvern although I think the children would have been keen to see it! These owls that Gillian rescues and cares for are unable to fend for themselves in the wild; and some are injured and need to be cared for to recover.  It really was an interesting evening, many people saying that they had never seen a live owl up close.  It really is a good way of educating old as well as young, to have this opportunity to get up close to them.  I am sure that any future visit from Gillian will be as well attended as this.
This meeting was the last until 19th September when the new club year begins.  In the meantime there are club trips and 2nd September is the ANNUAL SHOW open to everyone.  Come and join us for the show, look out for our 2017/2018 programme and join us for another interesting year.

Carole Houghton